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26 December 2015 @ 08:01 pm
I'm still here!  

I've been around here for so long! What brought me here was Arashi as lj was the main source for watching their shows 'regularly' thanks to all the loyal uploaders. Of course, the subbers helped a lot in letting me understand the world of Arashi and japanese shows. T^T Without them it would've took me much longer to grasp the idea of each episode! Now I can watch raw shows and understand most or all of what's going on! الحمدلله 💛 

The ppl who nvr understood the rules and went around uploading shows everywhere on streaming sites, they caused so much trouble to uploaders and subbers and to us loyal fans.. :'( Many ljs got closed and communities started putting harder rules in order to be accepted into a comm.!! It was almost impossible to get subbed files as I had an empty journal >< but I'm glad I kept looking around and studying Japanese rly helped.

I'm glad I stuck around and didn't give up on lj & Johnny's shows. I'm happy I got to know Johnny's West! They revived my spirit to watch and enjoy many new shows!💛 

I admit I do not like posting here! I come to lj to get my goodies to have sth to watch when I'm free xD but I am more active on instagram. You can check it out here: